How do I show my proof of vaccination?
You can come in during staff hours to show us your certificate, or email a copy to for verification. Being a member based business, we only need to verify your vaccination status once, your membership profile will be updated accordingly. 

What forms of proof can I use to show my full vaccination status?
You can show your proof of vaccination through one of the following ways: 

  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate linked to your Service Victoria check in app.
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate saved on your phone
  • Printed copy of COVID-19 vaccination certificate, together with your photo ID
  • Printed copy of Immunisation history statement, together with your photo ID

What happens to my membership if I'm not fully vaccinated and can't access the gym?
Your membership will be put on suspension until you can show us proof of vaccination. You will not be charged for the suspension period. 

I've received one dose of vaccine and booked in for my second dose, can I still visit the gym?
Unfortunately no. The government regulation made it clear that only fully vaccinated patrons can enter the gym. Once you're fully vaccinated, show us the proof and we'll reactivate your membership straight away!

I can't get the vaccine due to medical reasons, can I still visit the gym?
If you can show us an official medical exemption letter/certificate signed by your doctor, together with your photo ID, then you can still access the gym.

When will unvaccinated patrons be allowed back in?
We don't know. The Victorian government has not indicated any plans to change this rule. 

Did your business set the fully vaccinated access rule?
No! This is a regulation/law set by the state government and it applies to all gyms and physical recreation centres in Victoria. Businesses not complying with this rule will face heavy fines and potential legal prosecutions. 


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