Paul and Loraine Cooper

Coojiang Pty Ltd

We are a local company based in the Bass Coast Shire. We have three directors, Paul and Loraine Cooper and Anthony Jiang.

Paul and Loraine have lived in the Bass Coast since 1995. Recently, they decided to focus their attention on health and fitness with Paul attending Vision Personal Training in Brighton and shedding 20 kilograms in eight months. Since then, Paul has taken up running to maintain this new healthly weight range.

Loraine just quietly decided to work on her own health plan and committed to the home treadmill each day and over the past few months she has seen a drop of 15 kilograms.

This new found focus on health and fitness lead Paul and Loraine to investigate the possibility of setting up a 24 hour gym in the Bass Coast. That possibility is now reality.


Anthony Jiang has worked for Paul and Loraine's small business Bass Coast Sound and Video Production for almost five years in a combination of roles around video editing, tourism marketing and Chinese translation specificaly for tourism clients.

Anthony has been a part of the discussion and planning process for this new gym right from the very start and has become an investor in the project.

This new partnership between the Coopers and Mr Jiang forms the name of our new company, Coojiang Pty Ltd.

We are very happy servicing the growing Bass Coast community in reaching or maintaining their health and fitness goals.  We are also proud to be the first 24 hour Phillip Island gym at the gateway San Remo.

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